Dress hack #1

Geez, I'm a slacker.  I think I've had this dress in my 'to do' pile for a good five years, along with a heap of other grotesqueries I've collected (hence the title of this post, be prepared to be bored WITLESS by dress hacks).  I bought it from one of the local Salvation Army stores, and I remember the old geezer behind the counter squinting through her glasses and wheezing at me, "You're not going to WEAR this, are you??", while her 2IC made her feelings known by pulling an odd face and rolling her eyes, which I don't think I was meant to see.  I think she thought she was facing the other way and I couldn't tell what she was doing.  Wow, way to make a sale.  But, I don't know, she was old, so she may have been having an involuntary turn.   I could see their point, though; it was an unfinished, un-hemmed, home-made dress with a big chocolate stain on the front, and a black, oily smear on the shoulder, which looked like bicycle grease (??).  I ask you, who manages to get a dress this dirty when it hasn't even been finished?  Weirdo.

As daggy as it looked, and in spite of it's suspect stains, I couldn't pass it up; check out the print.

Hot air balloons!  If I was the type, I would've squee-ed with excitement.

I gave it a good wash, and the chocolate stain came out, but not the grease stain.  But that didn't matter, because my intention as soon as I spotted it was to cut it down into a skirt.  Front waistband, elastic back, I kept the button band down the front as a feature (I may change the buttons as they are a blerky, chalky-looking pink and not very stylin'), but its not functional as the waistband doesn't separate.  It's a basic pull-on skirt (or at least it will be when the rest of this baby weight has been shed), nothing too fancy and complicated about it.

It's all rather boring, actually.  I just wanted everyone to know that I have a skirt with hot air balloons on it.  So there.


  1. Wow, this looks awesome:) I really admire your skills.

  2. I just joined your blog so even though this is an old post I had to comment. The hot air balloons made me gasp! I would love to see your "new" skirt with big bold colored buttons. I hope you get to wear it often. And, your final comment made me laugh out loud...I feel the same way about my umbrella print blouse that I remade from an old ladies blouse. :o)


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