Banana muffins all fancy like.

As we in Australia know, the places that bananas like to grow most have been copping it bad.  First Carnarvon, and more recently, just about the entire state of Queensland.  It seems really stupid to whinge about the price of bananas when so many people have lost everything, so I'm not going to complain.  I'm buying two or three a week, and divvying them up into halves and rejoicing that I am still alive to enjoy a banana.

I've been wistfully looking through the freezer for all the bananas that we never got around to eating, which we ended up peeling and popping into snap-lock bags so that we can make muffins and cakes and other things.  Waste not, want not I say.  I have no idea why we didn't eat them.  Maybe we were busy, or something.  I dunno.  Anyway, now that bananas are close to becoming a commodity on the black market, I'm looking to use up my stockpile, so that I can experience some banana-y goodness without paying close to eight bucks a kilo for my hit.  So I put Cameron to work the other day to make me some muffins under the guise that it would be something fun to do. (Oh, alright, I helped.)

Is that a muffin, you say?  Yes, I admit, I like to fancy up my muffins. This particular muffin is sporting a dollop of vanilla yoghurt, some blueberries I nicked from Paul's stash, and a drizzle of organic honey.  Mmm-mmmm!  And I eat  it with a spork, none of this eating-with-my-hands jazz for me.  Like I'm the Queen.  I bet she doesn't eat a muffin with her hands.

Yeah, I know, I'm just showing off now.

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