Baby tops out of men's shirts.

I am so frugal.   'Cheap ass as' Tuesdays were created with me in mind.  Except that I hate takeaway pizza and find it hard to sit for two hours through a movie.  Bor-ing!  So on second thoughts, perhaps they weren't.  Sushi bars and eBay take note - you need to get on the Cheap Tuesday bandwagon.  I would spend loads more money with you if you did!

So when anything we aren't wearing any more needs to be ousted, and really should be shipped off to the local charity store, I'm sorry to say poor old St Vinnie's misses out.  I rip off buttons and zippers, chop off pieces of material, and generally make a real dog's breakfast out of old clothes, so I can make them into new clothes.  Because I hate shopping for new clothes.  My husband actually BEGS me to buy new clothes, and I refuse to.  I know, I'm weird.

I saved these shirts of Paul's with button-ripping in mind, and decided to hold onto them in their entirety just in case I needed them while I was pregnant (I got HUGE!).  Besides which, they cost fifty bucks each when he bought them.  No wonder he's on at me to spend money on clothes.   I think somebody has the guilts.

(Apologies for the crappy pictures, but those there are MEN'S BUSINESS SHIRTS, just in case there is any confusion.)

I found an awesome little vintage pattern on eBay for baby pinafores and rompers, replaced the pleats with gathers (that's because I'm lazy and marking pleats is too much hard work) and made baby Sophie some cute little pinafore tops out of her daddy's shirts and some floral scrap.

I'm looking at my fabric stash now, and I can see myself making LOADS of these.  They are way fun and fast to make, and cheap as, on any day of the week!  Apologies, Sophie May, but you're going to have to get used to wearing your father's hand-me-downs.  Take that!


  1. You're a legend Lainie! They look fantastic.
    I'm chopping up old jeans at the moment to make a picnic blanket quilt.... Will see how I go.........

  2. Awesome, Linda! Make sure you post it (somewhere!) so that I can see it when its finished! Happy birthday, by the way! xxx

  3. these are very cute...love refashioning!


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