Amigurumi for your water.

I love amigurumi; how the Japanese do it is beyond me.  They just have a knack for making everyday objects super-duper cool.  Recently, I was reading a review of a book called 'Useful Amigurumi Goods' and one of the projects was a water bottle cozy, and I thought to myself  'Wow, gosh, I really, REALLY need one of those.'  I winged the pattern, ripped it to pieces a couple of times and there's definitely a couple of things I'd change next time around (because Lord KNOWS I'll need more than one of these),  but its not bad for a first effort, I suppose.  I really should buy the book instead of ripping off their ideas.  The people who think these things up are pure genius.

I guess we could debate how useful a water bottle cozy actually is, but who cares?  We can forgive its lack of practicality, because its dang cute.  A bit like a certain nine week old who's name we will not mention, who kept her poor mother up for three hours last night, before waking up at 5am *yawn*.

Cameron has already put an order in for one, in 'boy colours', whatever that means.  He tells me it looks like Captain Barnacles from 'The Octonauts', but Captain Barnacles doesn't wear a flower on his head.  Well, derrr, I would think not.  I might even make one for my neighbour in the Dockers colours, which she would absolutely LOVE, being a one-eyed West Coast supporter and all.


  1. I love this idea this would look cute on my water bottle with maybe a handle that can go across my chest while im rinning.

    P.s. I found you blog from craftster. I also noticednthat this is a fairly new blog. I say keep up the good work your funny and a joy to read thus far.

  2. Thanks for following, Kristy, and your kind comments! Good old Craftster - the best people come from there!

  3. So cute.must find time slot to make this.!!


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