Making him remember.

Cameron had to do lines the other morning because he was naughty.  That's how we like to punish our oldest child.  It works a treat, because he gets bored really quickly, just like his Mum.  Yeah, it's an unfortunate family trait, but I could have passed on something worse, I suppose.  Like the flaky nails or the ugly feet.

Anyway, Paul was bringing me a well-deserved, hot cup of coffee while I was sitting on the bed, playing with the baby, and Cameron decided that that would be a great moment to sneak up on his Dad and give him a tickle in the ribs.  Because everyone loves a good ol' rib-tickle, even at the risk of everybody in the room contracting third degree burns. Fortunately, disaster was somehow averted (no clue, placenta brain strikes) and Paul sent Cameron off to do his lines.  Just like we used to do in school.

He thought it was a bit of lark at first, but soon got really irked.  But that was the point, really.   Still, I'm not sure whether it is a particularly effective punishment, but it certainly keeps him out of our hair for a good twenty minutes.

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