Bloomers from leftovers.

Oooo, what an exciting day.  We experienced the ground-shaking effects of a sonic boom, and Sophie made the most ENORMOUS mess in her Huggies.  Quite possibly, the two incidents are related, because I know the windows suddenly rattling in their frames for ten seconds just about scared the crap out of me!  But, anyway, back to Miss Messy-pants.  Eeeeeee-yuck!!  I usually have a pretty good stomach for this sort of thing, but on the last few occasions, total retch-fest.  On the up-side though, I think she  created a brand new shade of green, which we could probably copyright.  Ker-ching!  Well done, my little artiste! *clap clap clap*.  

Fittingly, I have been making my little poo-bag a pair of bloomers.  The fabric is leftovers from the shirt I used to make one of her baby tops.   I added the bow to femme them up a bit, but I'm not sure how practical they'll be that way.  I might remove the bow and make it into a brooch, or a hair-bow.  Though, having witnessed how much her nappy bloats after one of her... efforts, I'm thinking these poor little bloomers may have their work cut out for them big-time.  Up-sizing and double stitching might be the way to go next time.  In some sort of toxic-retardant fabric, preferably.

I also finally got around to ripping all the buttons of the same shirt and I managed to cut 17 x 5 inch circles from the remaining fabric, which I gathered into yo-yos whilst watching bogan makeovers on "The Biggest Loser" (Cameron makes me watch that with him, I swear!)  These will end up on a cushion or a rug at some stage, if I don't forget about them.

Pretty good going, I reckon.  RIP, blue shirt.

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