How to make a quick and easy skirt for a baby girl

Before Sophie was born, I was given bags of clothes which contained heaps of tops and heaps of tights, but nothing for in between.  And no matter how cute those little tights are, with all their wee pokey-dots and daisies, that nappy bulge is just waaaayy unattractive.  In any case, it's never too early for any daughter of mine to start learning how to cover up those lumps and bumps.  If she is anything like her mother, it will become her life-long occupation.  Sorry, kid.

This is a really easy skirt, which you can make with just one print fabric, or different prints.  I have a lot of bits and pieces that I need to get rid of, so my skirts are a little hyper.

For the hip yoke, measure your baby's waist.  Multiply by 1.25.  This is the width of the hip yoke.  Divide this number by two, and add 3 centimetres for seam allowances to this measurement.  Now, measure from bubs' waist down to the top of her thigh (where the outer thigh starts to bulge out.  This is easily spotted on my baby, and I'm only assuming other babies are like her).  This measurement is the length of the hip yoke.  Add 2 centimetres for the elastic casing at waist and another 1.5 centimetres for the lower seam allowance.

For the underskirt, double the width of the hip yoke.  This is the width of the skirt.  Divide this number by two, and add 3 centimetres for seam allowances.  Measure from top of (bulgy) thigh to desired length of the finished skirt (I went for about 2 centimetres above the knee.  Add 1.5centimetres for the seam allowance along the top edge and 2.5 centimetres for the hem. 

The upperskirt is the same measurements as the underskirt, the only difference being is that it's length is 3 centimetres shorter.  (Note: all of these pattern pieces are to placed with one short end on the fold of fabric.)

Press your desired fabrics in half and cut one of each pattern piece out of your fabrics on the fold. Yay, time to sew.

Firstly, hem your under- and upper-skirts.  Do this by turning up 0.5 centimetres, then pressing this before turning up another 2 centimetres and pressing again.  Sew hems in place with straight stitch.
  Baste top edges of your skirts together, then gather to fit the width of your hip yoke.
Pin your gathered skirts to your hip yoke, right sides together, making sure that your gathers are even distributed (best you can, anyway!) along the width of the yoke.  When it's looking good, sew together with straight stitch. (1.5 centimetre seam allowance.)

Overcast seam allowance with zigzag stitch, trim and press upwards.

Sew the back skirt seam with straight stitch (again, 1.5 centimetre seam allowance), overcast seam allowance with zigzag stitch, trim and press to one side.

To form casing for elastic, turn 2 centimetres on upper edge of hip yoke to inside and press, and sew 2mm from pressed edge around the upper edge.
 Then turn in 0.5 centimetres on raw edge and press.  Stitch a scant 2mm along this pressed edge also to form casing, leaving an opening at the back seam to insert elastic.  Measure elastic around your child's waist comfortably (but not so comfortably their skirt will fall around their ankles), add 2.5 centimetres and cut this length.  Insert 12mm elastic through casing with a safety pin, ensuring that elastic is not twisted inside casing.
 Lap ends, and fasten with a safety pin.  Try it on your child, make any adjustment if necessary, take it off your child (well, derr, Lainie, you say) and stitch ends of elastic together securely.  Stitch the case opening (stretching elastic while doing so, so that you don't catch it with your sewing machine).

Time for a happy dance.

This pattern will work for girls of all ages, but is particularly good for little ones because you can use up your scraps (providing their long enough, of course).  I've found by using bright colours such as those shown, I've been able to dress Sophie up in some of Cameron's old tops without her being mistaken for a boy, which also appeals to my miserly sensibilities.  Win, win - for me anyway.  Poor Sophie May, dressed in scraps and now her brother's hand downs as well as her Dad's.   Them's the breaks in this house when you're only little and don't know how to verbally complain yet.  Sorry again, kiddo.


  1. That's so adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern, my little girl should look pretty darn cute in one of these :D

  2. came across this on burda style. its soo cute love it. your blogs cute too. we started our blogs around the same time! she is sooo cute! lovin her chubby cheeks!!

    Pins, Needles, & Kids

  3. Lovin your blog Lainie!


  4. Lainie, you are just so talented! how i wish i could be half the sewer you are! these skirts are absolutely adorable but alas i was born with no crafty/sewing talents whatsoever, so will have to admire your skills from afar lol! Love Honi xxx

  5. So, so cute! Your little one is adorable too!

  6. This is sooo cute!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
    (link will go live tonight)


  7. love this can't wait to try- i'm a beginner seamstress. ;-)

  8. I am confused by this statement "For the underskirt, double the width of the hip yoke. This is the width of the skirt. Divide this number by two,"
    why double and then divide it by two? Could you list your measurements


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