I desperately needed some down time today.  The school holiday fun combined with working nights and a whining, teething baby has got me zonked.  The forty minute wait at the bank with said whining baby and an unstoppable six year old chatterbox didn't help matters.  All that waiting for a meeting that took twenty seconds.  Urk.  Be warned, if you see a woman walking along the street, with her eyes closed and her arms stretched out in front of her in a zombie-like state, there is a good chance it is probably me.  I promise I won't eat your brain.  Make sure you give me a honk as you pass by!

When we got back, Cameron and I spent the morning making cookies while Sophie May grizzled away.  Then he had a brainwave regarding an empty tissue box and a drinking straw.  Oh, and lots of posing.

We were having fun, until someone put the kybosh on it and decided to eat our prop.  Spoilsport.

Just for that, no cookies for YOU, Sophie May.

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