Circus day!

The circus has planted digs just five minutes down the road in Secret Harbour, so Cameron and I ditched Sophie May (she needs to spend more quality time with her Dad, anyway) and spent the afternoon under the Big Top (Nanna came, too)!

Circus Joseph Ashton is a family run circus that has been around since the 1850s and stops in town at least once a year.   It has lots of acrobatics and miniature ponies.   No scary sword swallowers or fire-eaters - lots of stuff for the kiddies.

My great loves are the circus, carnivals and old theatres, so I was in my element.  That's aside from the brat behind me who kept kicking my chair, whom I had to tell off only twice.  Cameron was quite taken with the lone trapeze girl, and the Wheel of Death, but seemed more interested in getting out to play the Laughing Clowns and checking out the mobile toilets.  I'm not taking him next time.

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