Sixties dress

This is what I'm working on at the moment.  I cannot remember where I found this pattern, but it's been near the top of my to do list for a bit.   I love this look, but won't be able to carry off a skirt that pouffe-y (my hips are 'bouffant' enough as it is, thanks), so the bottom bit is getting a do-over.  And I think the bodice needs lining.  I have some navy blue crepe that's been sitting in my stash for ages which I think would look really nice, but it was expensive and I don't want to cobble it up into a dress I won't end up wearing.  My patience for dressmaking has been a bit lacking of late, actually.  So to start, I'm sewing it up in a boring old black and white dot cotton fabric, and I'll take it from there.  If you don't see a black and white spot dress on this blog in the next few weeks, you'll know I stuffed it up royally.

Update:  I stuffed it up royally.

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  1. I love this! I hope it works out well. It reminds me of a dress I made in high school from one of my mom's old patterns. It was like this one but had 3/4 sleeves. I LOVED it. I used a white fabric with turquoise polka dots. A 60s pattern with 80s fabric lol. I loved it though. I couldn't wear something like that now... 50 pounds heavier I'd look ridiculous


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