I made chocolate chip cookies...

 But unfortunately she had to cancel our date owing to an extremely very good reason.  These babies won't last another week, so I will make up a fresh batch to take with me when I do get to see her, and meanwhile, we have the happy misfortune of eating all of these ones ourselves.  Oh, the hassle! (Although, truth be known, I would rather be visiting Honi than eating cookies).  

These are just the way I like my cookies - light and crisp on the outside and soft and chewy inside.  And of course, loaded with chocolate. Cookies are not where my baking talents lie, so I was thrilled that I could pull these off perfectly.  Another added bonus is that they are sooo easy to make.  If you want to try them out, you'll find the recipe right here.   Make them today, because they are awesome. 

But not as awesome as my gorgeous friend.  I hope you feel better soon, my lovely. x

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