The Random Thoughts project.

Cameron and I are having a bit of a game at the moment, where he gives me a random thought (either intentionally or not) and I have to draw it.  I find drawing to be very soothing and something I can do while I'm doing other things, like watching telly or making sure the kids are playing nicely (ha!).  And I have been doing plenty of drawing in the past couple of weeks.  Since Sophie turned two, in fact.  

I'm not a great drawer, and sewing is still my number one creative outlet, but it's really lovely to be able to do something that Cameron can be a part of (albeit a small, sometimes incidental, but still very important, part).  He seems to enjoy seeing his words become a picture.  I'm hoping the game will progress to us both drawing the same random thought separately and then seeing how different our interpretations are.  

But in the meantime, I will just scribble along on my own.  For the sake of my sanity.  And sobriety.


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