Toddler leggings from t-shirts

I am absolutely for certain not ever going to have another baby, so it's time to say ta-ta to the preggers wardrobe once and for all.  But all those lovely stretchy, maternity t-shirts aren't leaving my house just yet; they are perfect for slicing up and sewing into tights for Sophie May.

I've made about four pair in the last couple of days, in stripes and plain colours, but the light is a bit bleak for taking photos indoors, what with all those lovely big, fat rainclouds gathering outside.  So these are the only pictures worth uploading.

These are an easy make; you basically just trace a pattern from an existing pair of leggings, cut them from your tee and sew them up.  I was going to write a tutorial for you, but the official excuse is, as already mentioned, the light for snapping pictures indoors is way too grouchy.   Moreover, my lovely one-year-old cyclone of a daughter busted my chops today (not literally, albeit she is the type to do so literally, though always with a smile!), and after cleaning up that mess, I am in the mood for being bone-lazy.  Luckily, there's already a great tutorial here, with easy instructions and lots of lovely, sunny-day type pictures, so there's no need for me to write one - hooray!

And, if you don't have many stretchy tees, hit the local op-shops and see what you can find.  There must be scores of different shades and patterns out there!  I found a rather loud t-shirt with stripes in two shades of hot pink, grey and blue, which should make for a pair of legs that are very easy to spot.  (Which will be especially useful now that Sophie is running.  Everywhere!)

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