It's a good day for chocolate cake.

Because it's cold.  The rich, chocolate-y warmth that fills the house when this cake is baking in the oven is reason enough alone to make it, but of course, eating a nice gooey slab of it (especially with a big dollop of creme fraiche and zingy, fresh strawberries) is a super good reason, too.

This has become our favourite chocolate cake.  It's flour-less and (in our house, at least) we make it without sugar.  You'll find the original recipe by Melissa here.  (It says it's a brownie recipe, but it is just as good in cake form!)  To make a sugar-free version, we instead use four 45 gram bars of 'Well, Naturally' sugar-free dark chocolate and replace the cup of sugar with three quarters of a cup of xylitol.  (For the uninitiated, xylitol is natural sweetener made of birch bark and corn cobs.  There is no bitter after-taste and it actually helps to prevent tooth decay.  It's magic stuff!)

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