Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

August is looking like a bit of a write-off in terms of getting anything finished.  I have lots on the go, but its the little bits and pieces that I haven't got and which I need to complete things that is holding me back. That, and tending to snot noses, hacking coughs and fevers.  We are a pretty robust lot as a rule, but this year, we (and from what I'm hearing, most of the population within the immediate vicinity) have felt positively crap. 

I have been trying to get to Spotlight for the last few weeks to pick up all my goodies, and I am absolutely going to do it tomorrow.   All the unfinished projects are stacking up on any and all available surfaces, and my recently tidied room is back to looking like a tip.  Hooray!

Here is something I have managed to finish - this skirt and tights combination.

I picked up the top from the local Salvos, with a skirt in mind for Sophie May.  If you've seen any of the stuff I've made in the past,  you've probably noticed that I usually don't make very bright clothing, but the fabric attracted me for some reason.

Almost immediately after picking this out,  I was on the hunt for a stretchy black and white striped t-shirt to make some tights with. 

I thought the combination of bright spots and black and white stripes would be a great match for an aqua t-shirt saved from Cameron's baby days.


However, as I was sewing, there was something vaguely familiar about the whole combination of colours and patterns which I couldn't quite put my finger on. That is, until the next morning when I went to change Sophie's first nappy of the day, and she gave her bunny it's regular morning kiss......



  1. Hi there, wasn't sure where was best to leave this message. I adore your blog and have nominated you for some awards. Here is the link:
    I hope you enjoy them

  2. I love how you recycle old clothes! I like blog like yours! New follower! I would love if you could follow me back! Thanks

  3. This is cute. You sure have some crafty hands! I love DIYs too! Following you on GFC, hope you can hop by too!

    Summer @ A Happy Mum


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