I love it when you go to the coffee shop, and they give you a little cookie with your coffee.  Whether it be a tiny little shortbread, one of those imported miniature biscotti things you could break your teeth on, or even just an Arnott's Tiny Teddy, I see it as a sort of little 'thank you.  Thank you for buying our coffee and sitting in our coffee shop.  Come back soon!' sentiment.  I am not usually a sentimental kind of person, especially when it comes to commercially-made foodstuffs, but I appreciate little gestures like that.  So much so, I like to try and imitate those same feelings at home.

Cameron and I made some shortbread mixture in the food processor (I just chuck it all in and blitz!), I rolled it out flat, and then my boy-slave set to work cutting teeny clouds.  After much cutting, re-rolling and more cutting, we must have had about one hundred and fifty tiny little shapes ready for the oven, and a great big mess of flour all over the bench tops and floor.

I gave some of them happy thank you faces with the help of a clean worn out Kilometrico ball-point pen.  Some cookies are just more thankful than others.

As there were so many, and I only had two baking sheets, I had a bit of a tag team going between the oven, the cooling rack, the sink and the next batch of cookies, but it certainly gave me enough time to clean up the horrible mess we made.

I have learned, however, that when you have all the cookies, and they have not been doled out singly to you by a coffee shop proprietor, you tend to eat more than one.  The kids and their Dad are inclined to grab a handful, amidst my screams of  "No!! Pigs!", so I'm not really feeling the lovely sentimentality I experience when we have coffee out.  But that's okay, I will make them again, because they are super cute.

Have a happy day, Cookie!


  1. These little clouds are so cute :)

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