Sunday collage.

I pack up the kids and take them to my mother's house every Sunday morning, and we stay until after lunch.  Sophie and Cameron haul everything out of every cupboard they are allowed into, which is pretty much all of them.  My Mum has no concept of control when it comes to her grandchildren - Oh! how things have changed since I was a child and living under her roof.  Hmmmmm.

Inevitably, Sophie will drag out the arts and crafts box and slam it in front of me, announcing loudly "Let's draw!", hang around long enough to wildly scribble on a piece of scrap with texta, and then take off somewhere else.

By this point of the morning, my Mum is probably talking about politics or her financial affairs and I am beginning to glaze over.  I start to snip at bits of cardboard and doodle funny animals.  She is aware that I am turning off, I am aware that she will continue to talk regardless, so I continue doodling, she continues talking, and we are both happy in our little worlds.

By the end of the morning, she has probably relayed some extremely important information that I will need to know should 'anything happen to her', which I have completely missed and will no doubt regret, and I have made two silly collages of Noisy Bill and a bubble blowing elephant.  A productive morning all round, I'd say.


  1. So beautiful
    Happy Sinday x

  2. oh, I love these! such personality:) I'm a huge fan of collage work!


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