Thank you blouses.

I made two of these blouses (using the same pattern I used here) as thank you gifts for the Nevaeh and Taylah, who were the little girls who helped me out when photographing my projects for Handmade for Baby.  It's funny, isn't it, that when you desperately need to photograph a baby under twelve months old, you don't know of a single one.  Sophie would have gotten the gig, but she was way past one and therefore not young enough for this.  My poor daughter was already a has-been at the age of nearly three.

I really was lucky to find two of the most delightful and well-behaved models, both of whom had parents who were so accommodating at such short notice.  Nevaeh's parents in particular, as they didn't know me from a ball of string and travelled twenty minutes to my home when a mutual friend put us in touch with each other.  She was gorgeous and petite and wriggly with big blue eyes.

I'd never met Taylah before either, although I have known her mother, Michelle, since my late teens.  I messaged Michelle to see if Taylah would be able to help me out.  They were on holiday at the time but came to my rescue as soon as they returned home.  Taylah photographed like a seasoned professional and made my party hats look a whole lot cuter.

I ordered a book for each of them as a thank you to go along with their little blouses, wrapped up together with a box of chocolates for the Mums' and Dads'.

And of course, now that the desperation for tots one and under is no longer an issue, I personally know about a dozen kids who fit the criteria, which is typical.  However, I'm so happy with the way the photos and everything turned out, I can't imagine the end result any other way.   Cheers to my adorable little helpers and their parents...

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