Faraway style.

I love Enid Blyton books.  I find them perfectly charming from cover to cover; the language in which they are written, the picturesque imagery of childhood during simpler times, the magical themes, the underlying lessons and morals - they are absolutely gorgeous.  And also for nostalgia's sake - they were always my favourite books as a child.

I recently managed to find an early edition of Enid Blyton's "The Magic Faraway Tree", the same one I had when I was about eight.  I must have read it a hundred times over.  It was published before the politically correct crowd decided to change the children's names, as monikers such as Dick and Fanny are deemed way too offensive for today's sensitive kids.  I guess if you hadn't read the original version before the butchered one, you would still find it lovely, but I like the charm of the earlier edition. No Ricks and Frannies for me. 

Anyway, it was thoughts of tree-climbing and forests and Enid Blyton stories that I was thinking about while I whipping up the above outfit.  Sophie is somewhat Fanny-like (in the Faraway Tree-type sense); small (well, sort of) and blond, cute and girly and bold and tomboy-ish all at once.  

The cotton top reminds me of camisoles from the twenties - the fabric was in my stash, and it's beautifully light.  It's made in the style of the popular pillowcase dresses that are all over the internet, but rather than thread the straps through the casing, I used elastic instead, and added small straps with buttons.   The bloomers are made with more fabric given to me by my friend, Sarah.  I am gradually making my way through the ten tonne sack of goodies she gave me.

It's pretty and comfortable and practical and light, perfect all at the same time for climbing trees, catching tadpoles, keeping cool and looking sweet.  And meeting Moon-Faces and eating Pop Biscuits.  Very Fanny.


  1. This outfit is so simple and lovely! I love the way you attached the straps. So cute :)

  2. I've never read this book but the illustration is absolutely charming....just like the top you created and the little bottoms! Adorable!


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