Men's shirt refashion.

There is nothing like pretty gathers, puffed sleeves and a lovely Peter Pan collar to impart the impression of innocence and sweetness.  Even when the wearer is sometimes lacking in both particularities (in the presence of immediate family, at least).

See?  Butter wouldn't melt in that mouth. 

The pattern is from the most gorgeous Japanese sewing book.  If  you sew clothes for your little girl (or would like to), I would highly recommend buying this book - so many beautiful things, all of which are quite simple to make.  Although, they are written in Japanese, the clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions make all the projects easy to follow.  If you've sewn projects from these books before, you'll know what I mean.

As it was my first run-through with this pattern, I checked through my recyclables and found an old men's shirt from Target, which is labelled 100% linen.  Now, I've made it up (and am thrilled with the finished result), I'll make it up again in a softer cotton.  The linen is lovely, but just a tiny bit stiff.

I might also forgo the sleeves next time and bind the armholes instead, so that Sophie can wear a long sleeved tee under it, or wear it comfortably under a cardigan.  The bands on the sleeves are fine for the moment, but I can see that they will probably be quite constrictive in the coming weeks.  This is in no way a fault with the pattern - rather a mix of genetics, a sweet tooth and an aversion to anything I cook. 

But, most definitely I'll be making this one up again, with sleeves or without.  I just love how darling it looks.  Even when teamed up with a Swan Lake tutu and a wicked laugh. 


  1. What an amazingly beautiful upcycle! Love this in the blue linen. I have lots of Japanese pattern books, but not this one - I may need to get this one as well! Thanks for sharing your beautiful top!

    1. Thank you, Lucinda! I know, those books are addictive, but so very lovely! x


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