Making new friends

Sometimes, I just like to sit and have a muck about with my fabric scraps.  Most times, it ends up with me swearing like a trooper, throwing said muck-about in the bin and storming off to bed angry at myself for wasting hour upon hour on achieving nothing. 

But something really magical happened this week, and I ended up with this little lady sitting on my bed and an absolute tonne of ideas for more.  I felt extremely happy as I was making her, disappointed when I had to put her aside to do other things, and really excited about getting back to finishing her off.  Now that she is finished, I'm looking forward to making her a friend, or four.

She marries up alot of my interests - sewing, old time theatre, period costume, toy-making....um, pom poms.  I'm looking for ways I can somehow weave in children's clothing, and I think I've struck upon something.  Then again, it may be nothing.  I guess we'll see.

But even if not, I think I might have found my thing. She still needs some tweaking before I'm completely happy, but I'm mostly glad about how she she turned out.  And she didn't make me curse one single time.


  1. Oh, she is so sweet. Love the details, especially that sequin belt!

  2. Oh goodness, she's delightful :D!


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