Paper dolls (and an anxious wait).

We made paper dolls this week, which went a very small way in distracting Cameron from thinking about the tonsillectomy he is scheduled to have on Thursday.  He is, in his words, "a little bit scared". 

I drew some basic body, arm and leg shapes on some thin card, and then Cameron got his scribblers out and started colouring.

Then I outlined them with thick marker (just because they looked better that way!)

After we cut out our shapes, we glued some heads on the body bits.  These bunny and panda heads were snipped from Symphony brand tissue boxes.   (Note:  I have been snipping these heads from tissue boxes for five years so I have literally hundreds of them.  It seems a tad OCD, but they are too cute to throw away!)  You could check out magazines for a suitable head for your dolly.

Then the arms and legs were connected with brads.  Oooo, and they needed party hats, too.

Happy days!

You'll notice, however,  despite the festivities, the puppeteer still looks a bit antsy.  Poor, little man.  Don't fret, this time next week, it will all be over.


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