Making headway

I'm back at work this week, which is not a happy fact.  I enjoy being at home with the kids, cooking and making things, even if one child is constantly underfoot pulling my kitchen apart while the other is chatting incessantly about Iron Man.  Even on a bad day, it's just so much more tolerable than attempting  to keep warm in a freezing store, carrying 16 kilogram boxes down a ladder whilst trying hard not to topple to your death, and then hoping you don't get mugged in the car park by some high-on-whack loser when it's time to go home.

Even though my week off was marred by some wild weather, a couple of lengthy power outages and a weakened heart caused by Sophie performing some death-defying tricks on the dining room table, I'm happy to report that I did get things done.  Firstly, I finished Sophie's coat.


This was mostly completed about a week ago.  The main delay was getting the buttons for it, because I was too terrified to drive to Spotlight in the cyclonic weather.  When I did finally get there, I found the *perfect* buttons.   I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  When Paul saw it, he said we should rename Sophie Madeline and teach her to speak French.  Righto, good luck with that.  I'm having enough trouble teaching her how to speak English - her vocabulary consisting predominantly of the word "Ta", along with the occasional "Wheeeeee!" and "Boink".   Oh, and "Daddy".  No, no mention of me :( 

Here it is with the shooting star pin I made a little while ago.

I made more t-shirt tights for Sophie.  Geez, I think she's getting a little bit spoilt.  No wonder she acts as if she rules the entire world.  It's time for some boy-things, I think.

And, in other exciting news, I cleaned out my room.  Whoopee.  But, really, this is a HUGE deal for me.  I discovered that there is in fact a floor under all my junk, and I picked over the entire carpet, so the kids can now walk freely about without impaling their toes on stray pins.  And, I found my overlocker!  Yippeeee!  You know you've got real problems when you lose an appliance which is as big as a small child. 


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