Yay, it's school holidays!

A three-eyed spot monster drawn by Cameron (aged 7) using his new pens

Cameron's dance-card has been full over this school break thus far; he's enjoyed a scientific sleep-over with his Joey Scouts mob, water-slides at the local aqua rec-centre, ten-pin bowling and today, he's off to the a local indoor playground with a vacation-care group.  And it continues over the week-end and next week, with visits to museums, the movies, dinner with relatives, a play-date with friends, a sleepover at Nanna's, and a birthday party.  Phew!

We had a free day yesterday, so we all went out for churros and coffee. Cameron spent some of his pocket money at Smiggle, settling on a huge pack of crystal gel pens that come in every colour and smell like fruit salad.  These are quite the in-thing in his class at the moment, and he was very pleased at saving up enough money to buy his very own set.  Well, he still owes me five dollars, but good effort.  And I love a kid who saves up to buy stationery! 

Usually, he prefers to draw with (one of my) pens, which means his sketches are blue and black and rather bland, so it's lovely to see him drawing with lots of colour for a change.  Even if it is slightly disconcerting that he sniffs at his paper every thirty seconds to see what his drawing smells like.

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