Seeing squares.

I had a heap of colourful yarns that I needed to get rid of, and there are only so many things that one can decorate with pom poms, so I started crocheting these flowery-type granny squares.  At first, I was just going to make a three-by-three square cushion, but that seemed a bit miserable.  So I decided to make a larger four-by-four square cushion.  After crocheting sixteen squares, I looked at my pile of yarn scraps and decided I would make a few more, just so I could see which colours I liked the best and then mix and match my resulting pile of square to get the perfect colour combination for my cushion.  But I liked them all.

So, I thought, I will sew them together to cover a pillow.  But as pretty as a granny square pillow sham would look, I wouldn't use it - I'm quite tactile defensive, especially when it comes to my face (having a facial at the beauty spa is my worst nightmare)- and the thought of all that fuzzy wooly stuff so close to my eyes and face and neck makes my skin literally crawl.  So, I decided that I would make a cot sized blanket instead.

By this stage, I had used up most of my scrap and was actually buying more brightly coloured yarn to make more squares.  And as I was crocheting all my newly purchased yarn into squares, I thought to myself, "I don't have a baby.  I'm not planning on having a baby.  And I don't know anyone else who is having a baby.  If I make this cot quilt, which is now costing me money, it won't get used!"

At this point, I was getting rather cross with myself.  "I will have spent all this money to make something that I cannot even use!!!  Why did I start making these stupid squares?!"  I actually got irritated to the point that I stuffed some of the squares up quite royally, and had to unravel them and re-do them.  I couldn't throw them away - Lord, no!!   I am at a point of no return now because of all the money and time I've invested in these silly little squares.  I am obsessed with doing this, and finishing it.


I'm quite sure they call them granny square quilts, or rugs, or afghans, or whatever the word de jour is, because by the time you make all of your squares, tidy up all the yarn ends, sew them all together and THEN crochet a border all around the thing, you will BE a granny.  Possibly, a great granny.  And more than likely, one with severe arthritis in your hands.

So, where am I at now?  I have decided that instead of making a useless cot quilt, I will be making rug to fit a single bed (Sophie's single bed, Cameron has a king single which is considerably bigger, and besides, I don't think he would dig all the pink I used).  So I'm hoping to get it finished before Sophie inherits Cameron's bed.  And I've  made about sixty of these squares already, so by my rough calculation, I would hazard a guess that I have, say, approximately two hundred and eighty thousand to go.

I would say stay tuned, but I'm guessing this isn't going to be finished anytime soon.  Unfortunately.


  1. They are nice Lainie, and crocheting is fun!, but if you get sick of the squares, just sew them together & have a throw blanket of any ole size!.... love the white edging - will look good when done. Cheers, Elli.

  2. Hi there!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award! While it may not come with a cool prize, it is a super fun opportunity to meet and network with other new-ish bloggers, and I really hope you'll keep the fun going by participating. For more details, you can stop by my blog:


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