I recently made my friend this rabbit doll, which she has christened Tilley.  I don't really do a lot of twee stuff for my kids anymore (one claims he is too old, and the other just steps on and destroys everything in her way), so it was nice to make something sweet and cute.  Anyway, her twin grand-daughters took an immediate liking to her, and, as Liane keeps Tilley in her car, they have developed a deep concern for her safety and well-being ("...has Tilley got her seat-belt on?  Tilley's not too hot in the car, is she?").

As being the one rabbit doll shared and looked after between two lovely, playful, protective little girls would be quite exhausting, my friend asked if I could make them one each. 

They are very much like the original Tilley, except for the neckwear, which has turned out sooo much better this time around.  I've asked Liane to return Tilley 1 to me for a wardrobe edit, because knowing she has a dodgy neck ruffle will annoy me.  I'm fussy like that.   

They have the same cotton tails and long stripy legs...

...ruffles and bows (pink for Ella, purple for Lilly)...

...and a preference for glittery party head-wear.


  1. Super cute. Those party hats are KILLING me.

  2. oh, these are so very sweet!! What a kind friend you are, and I'm sure the twin granddaughters love their Tilleys with all their heart:) I love the addition of the tag as well:)


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