Black and white baby quilt.

My friend's daughter is having a baby soon.  Very soon.  As in, counting hours, not days.  And although I have known this for some five or six months, it was only last week I thought I better get a wriggle on and make the baby's welcome gift.

If you have read my past posts on quilting, you will know that I consider myself a non-quilter, and therefore, not a very good one either.  But this single piece quilt was easy, fun and so, SO quick to do.  I know, if a quilting aficionado took a look at it, they would tell me to hang my head in shame.  And probably quite rightly, too.  But I'm guessing my friend, my friend's daughter and especially the baby (when he gets here) aren't quilting connoisseurs, so I may be lucky enough to get away with the  wonky stitching and the four strip binding shortcut.

I followed the instructions for the go-to quilt on the (sadly, now defunct) katie did website.  After my first run through sewing the random zig zag lines from one end of the quilt to the other, I thought it looked it looked a bit off;  all my lines seemed on a bit of a lean-too.  But after stitching over it end to end twice more, it looked heaps better.  I washed it after I'd finished so that the quilting lines got those lovely puckers.  (I'm not really sure if you are supposed to do this with a quilt when it's a gift, but it really is the best bit!  Oh well.  Sorry, Laura.)

My friend tells me that her daughter has decorated the baby's room in grey (my favourite!), so I'm hoping the bold black and white spot will be a good match.  I remember when I was pregnant with Cameron, I saw a whole lot of bold black and white cot mobiles and flash cards being sold that were marketed as being "visually stimulating" for babies.  I'm not sure if this was a fad or not -  I didn't really notice that sort of thing about when I was pregnant with Sophie (although, to be fair, I did spend that pregnancy in a bit of a daze).  Do babies like bold black and white patterns?  I hope it's not too "visually stimulating", because that could cause some problems at nap-time.  Uh-oh.

That being the case, it may be better being used as a play-mat...

...or perhaps it could be used to throw over noisy things to make them sound less alarming, and not as scary to babies. 

Yes, two or three more, and that could work.


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