Girl's camisole from recycled linens.


I haven't visited a thrift store for a lo-oo-ng time.  Not to shop, anyway.  I've dropped off stuff in the donation bin, but have resisted the temptation to step inside one for nearly a whole year.  I know that if I do, I will more than likely come out with five times as many things that I dropped off in the first place.

My sewing room is overloaded to the point that I can't move three steps in any direction without encountering a tripping hazard.  Between my op-shop-bargains which I have housed in secret for many years (shhhhhh), AND my addiction to fabric (AND now, also yarn), I have pondered that I quite possibly have a serious hoarding problem, and  I am making it my mission (as I have for many years before this one, and without much success), to de-clutter once and for all. 

But I can't bring myself to bin any of it.  Not one bit.  And, so thus begins a sewing binge.

I made this camisole for Sophie out of an embroidered pillowcase and an unused and still packaged up bed sheet. The front and back panels were cut from the pillow case, with the rest of the pieces being sliced from the sheet. 

There is a bit of a colour mismatch going on between the pillow case bits and the sheet bits, but nothing a soak in a bucket of Napisan won't fix.  Sophie wanted it to be dress length, but it looked to much like sleepwear, so it got the chop.

I used the pinafore pattern from this wildly popular Japanese sewing book - it is also  a wildly popular pattern  amongst the sewing-for-kids crowd, and for very good reason.  It's easy and versatile and can be thrown together in an hour once everything is cut.  And it just looks so good.  On it's own in the summer, and over t-shirts and tights when the weather gets cooler, it is a winner.  I have made a dozen of these in the past few years, and will no doubt make a dozen more.  And if you're looking for a pattern as someone who is beginning to sew, it's an absolutely perfect project.

 If you were thinking about getting this book, bite the bullet and just buy it!  All the patterns in it are sized from 90cm - 130cm (approximately aged 2 - 8), so it's great value. It's floating about Etsy and eBay at the moment (as you can see at the link I provided above).  I am never giving this one up, it really is one of the best books.  EVER. 


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