Black and white outfit for Sophie May

I found this lovely scrap of black and white Japanese lawn,  and thought I'd give the tunic pattern another go.  Although I love the top I made for Sophie earlier this year, I thought it could do with less volume and a little more length, so it could be worn without displaying her Huggies-bum. 
This was such a gorgeous, light fabric to work with.  Not winter-weight mind you, but this will still fit her in the spring.   I really loved that it's a black and white floral print which is something you don't see every day - pretty, but not too girly-girly.

To go with it, I made a pair of leggings out of a stretchy black t-shirt and to add a small pop of colour, a little bright pink bow pin, that can be removed.  

All up, I think the whole outfit cost me five dollars to make.   Not bad.  But it's time to give this pattern a bit of a break, now, I think.  It's getting way too cold for these light-weight spring-time blouses.  So, I'm off to pour myself a nice hot cup of tea and will be spending the rest of my evening poring over my collection of vintage children's patterns and sketchbooks.  Gosh, I love my nights at home.


  1. Looks beautiful, Lainie. I miss sewing. Not a lot of time these days. Sarah xx

  2. Thanks, Sarah! And I know what you mean. I sometimes have to do my sewing after a midnight finish at work. Or I miss meals, which is not ideal. But if I DON'T manage to get my daily sewing fix, I'm in a far worse mood, even though I may be better-rested and not as hungry. I think I need to see a doctor about my sewing addiction. Hope you're well xxx


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