What Autumn tastes like

I've made this more times than I can count in the past few weeks.  Well, not quite, but rather alot. When you're frying bacon, toasting pine nuts and roasting sweet potatoes all at the same time, your house smells insane.  Add baby spinach and a home-made garlic and basil mayonnaise, some crusty oven-warm bread and a glass of red, and it is dangerously close to perfect.  It all tastes even better when the air is getting crispy outside, and you're closed up in your cosy little home wearing a pair of striped woolly bed socks, listening to Laura Fygi's Rendez-vous, all while having nowhere else to go.  Heaven.

Autumn, you took forever to arrive and you're leaving in three days.  Don't go!  If you never went away, it's true that I would be the happiest girl on Earth. 

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