Sleeveless coat

I'm on a break from work next week, and Paul has organised a massive skip-bin so I can clean out my room.  So in the next few days, I will be folding all my fabrics into tight little bundles so it doesn't look like I have as much as I really do, boxing them up, and then putting them back in my cupboard.  I really don't know why I agreed to the whole skip -bin business because I have no intention of throwing any of it out.  Instead, I will become a master of illusion. Ta-daaaa.

I am also making this little coat for Sophie May.  I've had this wool remnant sitting in my stash for donkey years, and managed to only just squeeeeeze a Sophie-size pattern onto it.  This design is from from the Ottobre 1/2010 issue, and is really a pinafore dress.  But I've lengthened it a little and will be lining it, after deciding the wool will be a little bit scratchy if I don't.  Well, duh.


And to make it even more difficult for myself, as is my way, I decided to line it after I had already cut the woollen pattern pieces, thus not including the correct seam allowances on the front facings, and not cutting a neck facing for the back.  Hooray!!  Because I just love working with scant seam allowances and lining coats almost completely by hand!  O, happy days.

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