Hand down

I made this outfit out of one of Paul's shirts.  The top bit, anyway.  I like the freshness of the fabric and it's a little crispier than regular shirting (which unfortunately makes it a real bother to iron - grrr).  The weather-men are forecasting cooler days next week, so something a little stiffer than the light cottons Sophie's been wearing of late might be just the ticket.  It will look cute with one of her little cardigans, too.  If they still fit. 

The ubiquitous bloomers are made from some cotton linen left over from something I made for myself (!) a while back.  The ruffly hem is not what I usually do;  it's cute, but would be better in a lighter, girlier fabric.  


These look like frilly combat shorts, and somehow, not quite right.  

But that might just be me.  My beautiful dog of 15 years is being euthanased in the morning, and I guess nothing is looking quite right today.  I will miss her terribly.  She is the most loveliest soul in a big bear of a body, but she is very old, mostly blind, completely deaf and can barely get off the ground, much less walk.  A recent visit to the vet has also revealed a nasty lump in her stomach, which they can't properly diagnose and subsequently treat without operating on her and I can't put her through that.  Not on top of all of her other ailments.  No way.

Still, knowing this is her last night hurts.  I'm off soon to give her a piece of chicken and a big snuggle.  I think I may have to wake her up (I can hear her snuffle-snoring from here!), but I won't care, not tonight.  And she is always happy to be woken up for a cuddle.   Oh, my big, furry, gorgeous girl - I love you!   Life will be very different without you.

Oooops, tearing up.  Sorry. 


  1. So very sad that the end of your time with your dear, dear dog has arrived :(. I'm certain she enjoyed every single moment of your 15 years together. Losing beloved pets is just damn heartbreaking --- and I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Super cute outfit! I like the bloomers tremendously, and think they're perfect!

  2. So sorry to hear about your lovely dog, it's so sad when we have to part with them!

    Your little outfit is lovely. I have just bought a man's shirt to use as the underskirt on an apron. I figure it would look lovely with lace on the top.

    Take care!

  3. Your little outfit is so darling! If ever you're in the mood for a tutorial, I'm sure there are many people - like myself! - who would love to hear how you made it!
    My condolences to you on the loss of your dear dog. I don't have any pets myself, but can imagine how close you would grow to a pet after 15 years of sharing life together.


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