In between things...

I have lots on the go at the moment, but nothing is finishing neatly one thing after another so I've got nothing to post about...yet.  All my bits and pieces and projects will probably all be finished at the exact same time and I'll annoy you day after day with blog updates for about a week.  Sorry.

I did finish this t-shirt refit and some new tartan bloomers.  This is her second Foo Fighters t-shirt, sadly, the first one no longer fits.  I was lucky enough to come across this t-shirt a few months back.  I had planned to use it for Cameron, but he is getting too big to re-cut t-shirts for.  Boooo.  So my little tomboy scored it.  I've made it slightly longer and flared so it will hopefully last longer than the other one did.  She thinks the stars on it are pretty.

Who the heck are the Foo Fighters?

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