Another scrap quilt.

It's been freezing weather this weekend, so I got to finishing up this simple quilt, which I made up with yet more scraps from my stash and some cotton sheeting.  I was spurred by a near accident I nearly had in my car a couple of weeks ago - it was lucky I was my on my own, because I think I must have sworn more in the three minutes following the incident than I have in my entire life up to that point.  I'm certain my kids' ears would have dropped right off had they been in the car with me.  Why are there so many idiots driving?  My Lord!  Anyway, without going into detail, the thing that goes through my head (cursing aside) is not, "Gosh, I have to make sure my will is up to date", nor "What is that moron car's registration number?".  It's "I have to go home right now and make a quilt, so my kids have something to remember me by."  How dumb is that?

This is a bigger and comfier effort than my last quilt; I splurged and bought some proper cotton batting so it's soft and floppy and scrumfy.  The top went together really quickly - as you can see there's absolutely nothing complicated about it, no edges to line up or anything.  It's backed with sheeting, quilted in straight lines and the binding around the edge is made from a cotton laundry sack.

I know it's no masterpiece, not by a long shot.  I'm sure it has at least a hundred things wrong with it.  But despite it's imperfections, I love how it turned out, all worn-looking and scrappy. 

 And I'm also secretly pleased that the kids are already fighting over it.  It looks like another one will be on the to-do list and through the sewing machine very soon.  But, hopefully, next time, the inspiration won't nearly kill me.

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