Dressing up

If I had my time over again, I'd be a costume designer.  I love period costume, and will often watch really boring films over and over again if the costumes are brilliant.  It was my initial plan, once Cameron had started primary school full-time, to volunteer at a theatre in a nearby town and see if I could lend a hand in the wardrobe department.  But my own little production put the skids on that.  And presently she provides enough drama in my life, so my dreams of show business will have to wait.

My friend Katie's daughter needs a pioneer costume, so I'm helping her out.  I made this bonnet today at lunch-time, while the kids were watching a movie.  We all needed quiet time; it's school holidays, the weather is rotten, the kids are at each other and I've just about lost my voice from playing referee.  The bonnet is based on an old Holly Hobbie pattern I've had for ages.  Do you remember Holly Hobbie?  Now I'm really showing my age.

We are off to visit Katie and Caitlin tomorrow morning to take some measurements and toss around some ideas for the rest of Caitlin's costume.  I will hopefully have two very well behaved children AND my voice mostly intact, or else it will be a very short and quiet visit.

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