Shoulder button top.

This top is a sample from a pattern I drew up based on something I saw in a children's fashion magazine.  I figure this is a great design for summer or in winter to layer over a long sleeved tee.  This one is actually made from cotton sheeting and is prone to a bit of wrinkling.  I'm thinking next time I'll try a light denim or a light wool check for cooler months.

The bloomers were made from some fabric leftover after I made this.

I've been thinking a bit more lately about putting together a small collection of clothes and selling them online.  Even though I have a husband who runs his own business, I have remained blissfully unaware of the requirements and responsibilities of running a small business.  I'm kind of regretting that now and doing some research on the inter-web, and asking friends in small business what to do.  But, they don't seem to have any idea either.  Etsy?  Big Cartel?  I'm definitely not one to sit at a market stall all day, so online's the preference.  Any suggestions, tips, do's and don'ts would be very helpful and much appreciated :)

I'll have a bit more time for sewing now this one is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks.  Can you believe it?  She turned four about a week ago. 

She has been working those dimples of late and spends ages in front of the bathroom mirror watching them appear and disappear by moving her 'magic face'.  That's good, because she is going to require a truckload of cuteness if she thinks the behaviour she's been exhibiting at home of late is going to swing with the Department of Education.  The school holidays and the excitement of having her brother at home to play with (whether he likes it or not) has been making her just a tad over the top.

I will miss her terribly, but I'm so excited for her.  My big girl.  *blub*

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  1. what a delightful outfit! The top reminds me of Japanese aesthetic, which makes it a good thing in my book:) And it looks so cute with the printed bloomers. Good luck with sending your "baby" off to school . .. wasn't an easy thing for me either:(


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