Tunic for Sophie May.

I made this tunic out of a couple of remnants of soft, spotty, blue cotton I picked up for three dollars at Spotlight.  If the remnant had been bigger, I probably would have been selfish and made a blouse for myself out of this, it's soooooo lovely.  Boo for me, but lucky for Sophie.

Stuck in a grimy washing basket at the local Salvos, smothered by all those horrible Knitwit patterns for blockish sloppy-joes and Hammer-time slacks, I found this little treasure for fifty cents.   Wooo!

Because of the limited amount of fabric, I had to make it a little shorter, but it will be perfect with tights...

...and of course, we had to sew on a big old bow!
I love little dresses that only take a couple of hours to make!  I've already cut fabric for two more out of off-cuts from my fabric stash - so, yep, the old Janome will be firing up this week - watch out! 

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  1. I just adore this pattern. I have been looking for something like this for quiet some time, but can't find what I am looking for. Could you maybe scan the pattern and send it to me? (My daughter is 1,5 years) . In case, my email is eva_vanderlinden@yahoo.com I would be so happy!


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