Licorice and musk.

I started and finished this outfit last night.  The bow and everything.  Wow, that never happens.  I've lately developed some sort of attention deficiency disorder when it comes to making things - I flit between five different projects in the space of two hours without finishing anything.  Maybe I've turned a corner - woooo!

It helps that this was a really quick and easy pattern to make up.  The top is from a vintage pattern that is so old that the tissue paper is shredding and it virtually fell apart when I touch it and pinned it onto the fabric.  I paid money for that pattern, so I wanted to use it before it self destructed.  But peasant tops are classic and no doubt there are plenty of patterns like this available, so I'm unworried by the fact that it may not survive another make.

And I'm sure I can just about make bloomers in my sleep now.  Which is handy when you're smallest little is up at five every morning.


  1. Looks gorgeous Lainie. A tip to prolong the life of your patterns - trace onto vylene and then cut out the vylene pattern. The vylene is stronger and will last a long time, and when a pattern is multi-size, you don't have to worry about only being able to use the original for one size. Keep sewing & smiling xxx Sarah

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  3. A most excellent tip, Sarah! I usually do use vilene for drafting and copying (I always copy commercial patterns to vilene; the kids grow so quickly and I always fluctuate up or down a size! Besides which they are SO expensive, I hate cutting them!). But this pattern was old and already cut to size. x

  4. I sometimes glue patterns that are falling apart onto new butcher's paper to extend their useful life.
    Loved the outfit too.


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